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001Whether you are transitioning from analog to IP video, need to centralize security management, or want a specialized software for your corporation; video analytics is the best option to meet your needs. The benefit of intelligent video is solving real business issues for customers around the world in a wide spectrum of industries regardless if is Education, Retail, Entertainment, Government, Healthcare or Transportation. For example, video analytics can provide tangible business intelligence in the retail industry and is currently being used for evaluating the shopping habits of customers, planning store layouts, designing and locating product displays, and optimizing space. Read more… 

 Thermal Cameras

002Thermal cameras are excellent for detecting people, objects and incidents in complete darkness and other challenging conditions. Thermal network cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person.



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Security systems have become an essential element to enhance the existing security of any business or company, regardless of their magnitude. This became one of the best ways to ensure trade security for any type of business. Read More +

We offer a broad portfolio of high quality products and technological solutions in terms of innovative systems for the physical security of corporate facilities and companies with intelligent functionality and modular concepts that evolve according to the specific needs of our clients. Read More +

Every day more people are using surveillance systems to protect their homes or love ones when they are away. With a security system install in your home, you can remotely monitor what happens inside or outside your home from your mobile or Tablet. Read More +

CCTV Doral is part of a Group of Security Solution Companies across USA, South America and the Caribbean. We are a Security System Wholesaler located on Miami, and we offer all kind of security solutions for business and public projects. Read More +
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